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We are excited that you are considering working with our team to improve your health and quality of life. We know this is a new process and a big step for you. Below is a list of frequent questions we are asked by new clients. Don’t see the answers you need here? You can always give us a call or submit the form below with your questions or to initiate scheduling your first appointment!

We highly value transparency and good communication. We always seek to be a source of education and information for you, so please start with some of our most commonly asked questions. Contact us to let us know if there is anything else you want to know about, and we’ll be happy to talk with you.

How can Balanced Flow help me?

We help our clients with a variety of needs from musculoskeletal conditions, pain, and injuries to those who are looking to optimize or improve their health through the best conservative treatments available. See a list of commonly treated musculoskeletal conditions here.

What can I expect from my first visit?

Your first visit is a consultation where we will learn about your history and evaluate your condition through a physical exam. Treatment may be included if it is appropriate. Our team then assesses your condition and prepares a treatment plan that would most benefit you to help you achieve your health goals. We’ll give you an appropriate referral if your case is not a good fit for our clinic. Plan for an initial visit to last about an hour. You can download and fill out the new patient form below before arriving to expedite your visit.

What can I expect on my follow-up visit?

After your case has been evaluated and your personalized treatment plan discussed, your treatments and visits will start. Your providers will also talk with you about the progress of your condition and perform additional assessments from time to time to track your progress. Before you leave the clinic, you may be given instructions for self-care and lifestyle modifications to follow at home. Follow-up visits typically last 60 min depending on your treatment plan.

How often do I need to come in?

Most of our patients come in 1 to 3 times weekly during their treatment plans. The frequency of your visits depends upon the history, severity and nature of your condition and your desired outcomes. You may need only a single treatment for an acute condition or a series of visits for a more complex case. After your exam and consultation, your provider will discuss your goals with you and the approximate time it will take to achieve them.

Will I need treatment forever?

No. At Balanced Flow, we always seek to provide long-term solutions and patient education aiming to “graduate” you to being self-sufficient in maintaining your own health. After your initial exam and consultation, we will prescribe a treatment plan with an estimated time or number of visits to achieve your goals. However, you will be a part of the Balanced Flow family, and many clients elect to continue care with maintenance visits to keep them at optimal function and feeling in top condition.

What method of payment do you accept?

Balanced Flow accepts payment from all major health insurance companies, all major credit cards, and cash. Not all services are covered by insurance. Convenient financing options are available. Out of pocket payments and bill balances can be conveniently paid online.

What if I need to cancel an appointment?

Please provide us at least 24 hrs notice to reschedule or cancel your appointment. Rescheduling or cancellation with less than 24 hrs notice is subject to a $75 fee.

What are the dangers of waiting to seek treatment for pains and injuries?

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Does your clinic benefit older patients?

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How is your physical therapy different?

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