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Pelvic floor health is an important but overlooked topic for many people. A strong pelvic floor influences many functions from balance to intimacy. A major function of your pelvic floor muscles is to support your pelvic organs and control continence. These important muscles can become deconditioned or damaged from aging, childbirth, prostate surgery, and menopause. This can cause urinary incontinence, decreased sexual function and decreased physical performance. EMSella is state of the art, non-invasive technology that can help you regain your confidence, take back your freedom and experience pleasure again.


2,000,000 women worldwide suffer from incontinence, but only about half of them seek treatment. Throw out the pads, end clothing changes and sleep through the night.

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Damaged or deconditioned pelvic floor muscles can cause stress incontinence (losing urine when coughing, sneezing, laughing, lifting etc.). Weakness in your pelvic floor can also cause urge incontinence or the strong desire to empty your bladder due to sudden contractions. Strengthening your pelvic floor will help correct both kinds of incontinence and EMSella will do it more easily and quickly than any other way. One session is equal to doing 11,000 Kegel exercises, and many see results after their first treatment. Regain the confidence and freedom to work out, go out and get physical without worry or hesitation.

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95% of patients report that they are satisfied with their EMSella results, but satisfaction does not stop there. Intimate health is important to your quality of life, and it is strongly linked to pelvic floor health. Pelvic floor insufficiency is highly associated with reduced sexual arousal, infrequent orgasm, and dyspareunia (painful intercourse) in women. Strong and healthy pelvic floor muscles increase arousal, improve lubrication, improve sensation and help attain and intensify orgasms. For men, pelvic floor weakness contributes to erectile dysfunction, and restoring the pelvic floor muscles can result in better sexual performance as well as increased sensation and pleasure.

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Stay fully clothed with a short and easy treatment performed to your comfort level. Traditional methods of pelvic floor rehab can be uncomfortable due to the invasive nature of the procedures. The EMSella procedure is as easy as having a seat while you let the technology work to create maximal contractions through your entire pelvic floor. On top of the benefits for incontinence and intimate health, a strong pelvic floor will improve other aspects of your physical function like balance, core stability and pain reduction. You can also solidify your entire core by adding EMSculpt Neo for the ultimate combination for stability and physical performance.

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