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Your fountain of youth:
Peak looks, feeling and function

As you get older you may find yourself having less energy, gaining more weight, having less motivation and feeling less overall wellbeing. People usually relate these changes to the hormone declines in menopause or andropause, but many start to feel this way even in their late 30’s and early 40’s. Hormones are natural messengers in our bodies that basically control all the functions of your body from your metabolism to your immune system to your reproductive system, so they essentially control your physical and mental health. As we age to a certain point, our hormone production progressively reduces. Additionally, our bodies’ no longer respond as well to the hormones we produce. Although this explains why we don’t feel and function like we used to, we do not need to accept that this is how life will be. Healthy savvy individuals are turning to Bioidentical Hormone Optimization Therapy (bHOT) to have the quality of life that they desire. Science has not found a way to stop aging yet, but Bioidentical Hormone Optimization Therapy is the closest thing we have to it.

Normal is not OPTIMAL

It is commonly accepted is that it is “normal” to have less energy, gain weight and be more susceptible to illness and disease as we get older. We are generally taught to accept that our quality of life will steadily decline as we age. While this is the path that many will take in life, you can choose to take another a better one. Many people are frustrated because they are told that they are normal, but do not feel or function the way that they want to. With bHOT, you can aim to be optimal and reach your highest level of health. With optimized hormones you will not only feel better but you will actually protect yourself from common chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. You can defy conventional wisdom and live a long, healthy life with the vitality, strength and mental capacity of your peak years and “just feel good”. Imagine having the energy, fitness, libido, sharpness, motivation, clarity and zest for life from your prime years for your entire life. Choose to feel good and stay feeling good for all your years.

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Get back ON TRACK

Bioidentical Hormone Optimization Therapy not only enables knowledgeable individuals to maximize their health, but it allows many to regain their health. Conventional therapies often focus on managing symptoms of disease while allowing the disease processes to continue or even get worse. These treatments also usually come with undesirable side effects. Hormone therapy uses natural substances created in your body to help address the deeper causes of diseases like diabetes, PCOS, hypothyroidism, high cholesterol, depression, sexual dysfunction and more. For many, bHOT is the answer to finally get their health back and keep it for the long run.

How to get started with Bioidentical Hormone Optimization Therapy

Getting started with bHOT is quick and easy and everything can usually be done from the comfort of your own home. It all starts with a simple call or message to us, and you’ll be on your way to living your best health in a few short steps.


  1. Schedule a consultation (virtual or phone)
  2. Lab tests (go to lab or at home)
  3. Receive prescriptions
  4. Self-apply prescriptions at home

Effective and CONVENIENT

Hormones are the chemical messengers that travel through your body coordinating complex processes like growth, immune function, metabolism, sexual function, mood and basically all your functions. Imbalances can cause issues from low energy to weight gain to infertility. Also, you need optimal hormone levels to prevent conditions like heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, dementia and osteoporosis. Your hormones must be at the right levels for all other aspects of your health to function well.

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How do I get started with Bioidentical Hormone Optimization Therapy?
The process is straight-forward and simple. Schedule a consultation by calling 312-880.9697 or [contact us online]. After your consultation, you will get lab work, receive prescriptions and start therapy at home. Follow up appointments will be schedule with you for later dates.
How long are initial consultations?
A typical initial call or virtual visit is only 30 min. We will have a thorough conversation with you to understand your goals and concerns, so we can make the best recommendations to help you achieve what you want.
What are bioidentical hormones?
Bioidentical hormones are exactly the same structure as the hormones that you create on your own in your body. These are substances that naturally occur your body. We do not use synthetic hormones because they are only similar to our natural hormones but have altered molecular structures. Research has clearly shown that any adverse effects that have come from hormone therapy has been due to synthetic hormones. Most hormones produced by pharmaceutical companies are synthetic and structurally different than your own hormones. We only work with bioidentical hormones that are made to the highest standards in specialty compounding pharmacies.
Does insurance cover hormone therapy?
We do not bill insurance for BHOT. Many treatments will be considered unnecessary and/or off-label use by insurance companies, and they will not cover the costs.
Are there any side effects?
With proper management and dosing of hormones, you should not experience significant side effects. In the unlikely incident that you do experience side effects, it should be resolved quickly after contacting us to adjust your hormone regimen.
How long will it take to see results?
Time of results vary by the individual and by what hormones you need. Some results like energy, better sleep and libido can take place pretty quickly while other results such as fast reduction, muscle gain, cholesterol reduction, improved hair and skin require some time for your body to adjust this can take place over the course of months. Optimal exercise, nutrition and other lifestyle variables also are a strong influence on how you respond to BHOT.
Do I need to take them forever?
BHOT is a choice for most, and you can choose to optimize your hormones as long as you want to feel and function to your desired level. It can be compared to other lifestyle choices like exercising, taking vitamins, or eating well. You should do it as long as you want the results. If you decide to stop hormone optimization, you will simply return back to the levels that your body currently produces and however you feel with those levels. You have the power to choose your condition.
How often do I need to get labs?
All clients will get initial laboratory work for a thorough assessment. Follow up lab work will typically take place 3-6 months after the initial labs to monitor changes and progress. More or more frequent labs may be needed due to your individual case.
Will hormones interfere with my medications?
Hormones are not drugs and are naturally occurring substances in your body, so it is unlikely that they will react with medications. One potential benefit for many is that they may no longer need their medications. Research shows that many people no longer need sleep aids, cholesterol medications, and anti-depressants after achieving healthier hormone levels.
Does hormone therapy cause cancer?
No studies over decades of research have shown bioidentical hormones to cause cancer. Synthetic hormones however have been clearly shown to increase risk for breast and uterine cancer.
Will I or should I menstruate with hormone therapy?
There is no need to menstruate if you choose not to. If you are a postmenopausal woman, you do not need to menstruate to have Bioidentical Hormone Optimization. With the right estrogen and progesterone balance, you should not experience menstrual bleeding or PMS symptoms. There is also no known need to “cycle” or regularly stop hormone therapy to have your period. There is no research showing benefits of cycling, but some women may want to do it because it feels more normal to them.
What if I’m on birth control?
Generally, your hormone supplementation will not affect your birth control. However, birth control pills can interfere with the effectiveness of some therapy as the synthetic hormones in the birth control will block the natural hormones. IUDs will not interfere.
Why do I need a specialty compounding pharmacy?
Specialty compounding pharmacies can do much more than the traditional pharmacies that you may be used to. Specialty compounding pharmacies are modern versions of the old-fashioned pharmacies that custom created medications that a physician prescribes to a patient. Your provider can specify fast acting, long acting, time-release and method of delivery (oral, sublingual, topical, etc.) to give you exactly what you need. Individuals who know about and have access to these pharmacies have access to pure, pharmaceutical grade hormones custom-created for them in precise doses exactly as ordered by their physicians. These custom-made, high-quality prescriptions are not available in your everyday pharmacy.
Can I use over-the-counter versions of hormones?
Some hormones like DHEA and melatonin can be found at your grocery store or other supplement stores, but the quality and dosing are very inconsistent. First, the dosing is typically not high enough to produce desired effects. If they were higher the product would require a prescription. Second, the supplement industry is not well-regulated, so many products are not pure and are not held to any standards of production. Many over-the-counter products are not absorbed well due to how they are produced. Your best choice is to stay with a recommended specialty compounding pharmacy to be sure to get what you are paying for.

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