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End Your Knee Pain. Get Back to Your Life.

Chronic knee pain can take the joy out of your life and be debilitating. Whether you just want to go for a leisurely walk or take the stairs or if you’d like to fully enjoy activities like dancing, gardening, running, golfing or playing with your grandchildren, we’re here to help you.

You Can Avoid Surgery.

More and more patients are choosing treatment with us to avoid surgery, knee replacement, and the months of rehab that can follow. Many of these procedures can be avoided. Furthermore, almost 35% of knee replacement patients continue to have long-term pain even after surgery. We aim for lasting results. In addition to helping you find pain relief, we address the underlying causes that caused that pain to begin with. We look at your movements habits and assess you for optimal function to help determine how to best help you keep living your best life.

Quick, Long-term Relief

Balanced Flow offers comprehensive non-surgical, drug-free treatment for knee pain. After a thorough assessment including a complete history, exam and imaging if necessary. Our experienced providers will provide a treatment plan to suit your individual needs. All treatments are conservative and minimally invasive. Your treatment may include knee injections to cushion your joints, rehabilitation, manual therapy, electrical stimulation, or regenerative options. Our treatments are absolutely free of side effects and may offer immediate relief for several months to years.

Knee Injection Therapy     Rehabilitation     Orthopedic Bracing     Electrical Stimulation     

Manual Therapy     Regenerative Therapy

Knee Injection Therapy
Orthopedic Bracing
Electrical Stimulation
Manual Therapy
Regenerative Therapy

Patients Love the Balanced Flow Difference

The success of our practice is best demonstrated by the many people from all walks of life that have worked with our team.  Many of them were at the end of their rope after years of medications, surgeries, and endless doctor appointments. At Balanced Flow, we pride ourselves on providing a positive and encouraging environment with treatment that is compassionate, patient-focused, and customized to ensure the best results for all that walk through our door.

Here are just a few things that previous and current clients have to say about Balanced Flow.

The team at Balanced Flow are just the best! They have a rare combination of professional knowledge and personal compassion that makes them stand out in their field. I went to them to see if they could help with my chronic knee pain. I had a good portion of my meniscus removed through arthroscopic surgery many years before and suffered constant pain and discomfort. This was to the point where I was unable to walk more than a few blocks without pain. I had seen many doctors, therapists, acupuncturists, etc without any improvement or just minor temporary pain relief. After treatment from Balanced Flow, my life has changed. I am fully mobile and pain-free. I am able to do things I never thought I would be able to do again. Many thanks to the team at Balanced Flow!

Kyu H.

I went to Balance Flow due to a running injury. In a few months, I was able to run a half marathon breaking my personal best time. The doctors and staff explained the process all along and took care of a series of aches and pains from my shins to my lower back. They gave me exercises I could do at home plus monitored my improvement. I’ve fully healed thanks to their help.”

Mario C.

Balanced Flow Wellness is amazing! I ran the marathon in the fall and injured both of my knees. I was unable to run for months following due to intense pain. I’m now back to running pain-free thanks to all of their help. I would highly recommend BFW! The team is friendly, helpful, and extremely knowledgeable!


Balanced flow is one of a kind, I’m extremely active but have been struggling with knee pain and lower back pain for years due to sport-related injuries. I’ve been to several doctors, specialists, physical therapists, and chiropractors over the years and none of them were able to relieve my pain the way Balanced Flow did in under 6 months. I came to them with no expectations, but they took such a customized approach to my treatment plan, they listened to my full story and thoroughly evaluated all of my pain points. If you are looking for pain relief or injury relief, I highly recommend trying Balanced Flow! They combine holistic healthcare with physical therapy and chiropractic care. That combination of expertise makes these doctors extremely equipped to manage pain for patients. I can never thank them enough for giving me back my mobility and teaching me how to protect my joints long-term!

Brenda W.

The Balanced Flow team genuinely cares about your healing and getting stronger. They listen to you and alter your treatment plan accordingly. They don’t give up on you even in the most trying times and continuously seek ways to help you improve. They treat you holistically and look for root causes rather than just symptoms. Because of them, I’m back to doing activities I had not done in over two years. Literally life-changing. I can’t say enough great things about BFW!

Marie S.

Balanced Flow is amazing! I’ve learned so much from them and feel great running long distances! Thank you!!!

Stephanie L.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process?

It all begins with a quick phone screen. Once you fill out a form or give us a call, we will quickly get to know you and your situation to ensure we are a good fit for you to properly address your needs.

If your case is a good fit, we’ll schedule an initial consultation and exam where we learn more about your condition. We’ll then give you a recommendation of the best course of treatment for you. Then we’ll start your individualized treatment and get you on the road to recovery.

Is treatment painful?

No, all procedures and therapies are gentle and minimally invasive.

How fast will it work?

Most patients feel immediate results and relief increases with subsequent treatments.

How many treatments do I need?

The number of treatments depends on your individual care plan. Injection therapy is typically 3-5 visits with 1 visit per week.

How long do the results last?

Our treatments provide relief from months to years depending on your condition and which treatments are used for your individual condition. Our aim is to help you find long-term relief.

Are there side effects?

We offer only conservative treatment options that have minimal to no side effects.

Is it covered by Medicare and insurance?

Yes, all of our services are covered by Medicare and insurance.


We accept payment from most major health insurance carriers and Medicare. Coverage for services is dependent on your individual plan. Please note that not all services may be covered by your insurance. Contact us for a verification of insurance benefits or if you have coverage questions.

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