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“We take walking for granted. Some people have numbness and weakness in their feet, so they can’t balance. This is constant torture.”

Balanced Flow is excited to treat neuropathy with the most effective therapies currently available. Our electrochemical therapy is FDA approved and uses advanced physics technology and natural supplementation rather than pharmaceuticals to effectively treat neuropathy. Our therapy doesn’t just control symptoms. Laboratory results show that it helps heal damaged nerves and tissues for lasting relief.

NATURAL integrated approach

We don’t take a singular path towards health and the diminishing of pain. Here at Balanced Flow, we use multiple treatment approaches for each patient. Similarly, our approach to treating neuropathy relies on the combined cumulative effects of an all-natural, proprietary supplement blend, specific electronic signals from the latest technology in electric cell stimulation as well as proper nutritional support and guidance. Our cell stimulation technology drives healing while the proper nutritional supplementation provides your body the building blocks it needs to do it.

QUANTUM ​theory

Our specialized electric cell stimulation equipment uses complex principles of quantum theory to generate specific electrical impulses that promote change and healing down to microscopic levels in your cells. This technology essentially speaks the language of your cells and tells them how to heal resulting in increased cellular energy and activity to bolster direct healing where you need it most.

DRUG-FREE ​& non-invasive

Our electric cell stimulation equipment is gently attached around your problem areas and painlessly delivers controlled electronic signals to your nerves and injured tissues. Your areas of concern are also infused with our proprietary blend of natural supplementation designed to accelerate nerve healing. This treatment blocks pain signals, increases blood flow, and creates an anti-inflammatory action all without using any pharmaceutical drugs.

“The machine actually communicates to nerve cells and basically tells them how to heal and get better. Then we combine a vitamin infusion into the areas of nerve damage.”

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