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Eat, Drink and Be Merry.

We are fat and sick and dying because we have handed a basic, fundamental and intimate function of life over to corporations. We choose to value our nourishment so little that we entrust it to strangers. This is insanity. Feed yourselves. Feed your loved ones. And for God’s sake, feed your children.” -Alton Brown

Look and feel how you have always wanted to and stay that way. The Balanced Flow Nutrition Program helps you achieve sustainable results through coaching, education and accountability. After learning about your current lifestyle, nutrition habits, lab results and body measures, we’ll tailor recommendations for you and empower you to accomplish your nutrition-related goals. Whether you are seeking to manage your weight, improve energy, change your body composition or just want to be healthier, we’ll develop a plan for you.

The Balanced Flow Nutrition Program is right for you if:


  • You have tried every diet that exists in the past without long term success
  • You have trouble staying consistent with your eating/nutrition on your own
  • You want to have food freedom & stop worrying about food all the time
  • You get anxious about stepping on the scale/it messes with your emotional state
  • You struggle with making good choices when eating out, at social gatherings, or during holidays
  • You’ve been chronically dieting with little to no progress
  • You’ve always struggled with your weight
  • You struggle with frequent gas or bloating
  • You have trouble with going to the bathroom too little or too much
  • You have an “all or nothing” mentality when it comes to weight management and dieting
  • You struggle with binge eating
  • You want to feel empowered and have control throughout the program without simply being told what to eat/do


A successful nutrition plan is rooted in creating habits that you enjoy and want to stick to. At Balanced Flow, we strive to make nutrition fun, sustainable, and applicable to each person’s daily routine. There are fundamental principles that apply to live life with great nutrition habits. However, these principles cannot be generalized to everyone as everybody has different backgrounds, bodies, dietary histories, and daily habits. Our coaching program is designed to teach you these essential fundamental principles while helping you practically apply them to your individual situation.


  • No Fads or Gimmicks
  • Personalized Plans and Attention
  • Rooted in Science
  • Sustained Results


“My mission is to help educate our clients on how nutrition and exercise affect their overall health while simultaneously helping them develop sustainable nutrition patterns and habits that work best for their individual lifestyles. My passion and academic journey for better understanding nutrition developed through years of personal struggles and frustrations with my own health. I was driven to research these topics extensively, seeking answers amidst a sea of endless information, misinformation and ‘expert opinions’. This journey led me to pursue a doctorate in Chiropractic medicine and a Masters of Science in Human Nutrition in order to guide people to achieve their health goals. My greatest professional joy comes from seeing a client find clarity, comfort. and confidence with their eating and nutrition habits while improving their health.”

– Dr. Michael Gontarek, DC, MS.
Head of the Balanced Flow Nutrition Program


We’ll get you looking and feeling great, but it is also important to have objective measures of improvement. Our program includes essential tests to help us get a thorough understanding of your metabolic health and how to best help you achieve your personal goals. This will also let you objectively track your improvements and help you stay on track. Tests will include a comprehensive series of labs, estimated body fat percentage, basal metabolic rate and weight.


Our 6-month nutrition consultation program includes bi-weekly 60 min one-on-one visits (12 total) to truly understand your goals and how to customize a realistic plan to achieve them. We’ll educate you about the most important topics of nutrition and how to apply it practically to your life. We ultimately want to help you achieve your desired weight, body composition and health goals by helping you master all things eating and nutrition and how to incorporate them into your everyday life. We believe this approach is best for getting you where you want to be and staying there.

Some examples of topics that are covered in the program include:

  • Understand which eating habits are best for your goals
  • Learn how to stay fuller, longer
  • Learn how to eat out at restaurants or in social situations with less stress/anxiety
  • Grocery shopping with confidence and ease

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