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Cutting-edge Conservative Care

Whether you’re suffering from a sprain or strain, arthritis, or stubborn chronic pain, we’re dedicated to helping you recover. Our goal is to treat the pain in your back, neck, joints and muscles to help you return to doing what you love to do. After we get a thorough history of your issue and your goals for your body, we’ll perform a comprehensive examination and assessment to cater a conservative treatment plan to your personal needs. If you have pain in your body, we’re here to help.

THOROUGH evaluation

Asking the right questions and finding the true problem is key to finding the right treatment. We start with a thorough history and a highly detailed, head-to-toe physical exam to find the root issue that is causing your pain. We’ll look at everything from your movement patterns to your lifestyle (exercise, family life, work environment) to understand your specific condition. Then our team will put our vast experience and knowledge together to offer you the most effective treatment plan.


Many people think about surgery when it comes to orthopedics. At Balanced Flow, we offer you conservative orthopedics. Our non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical treatment plans integrate modern conservative approaches like trigger point therapy, natural joint injections, regenerative therapy, functional physical therapy, our proprietary soft tissue release technique, and manual therapy as well as alternative methods like acupuncture and yoga.

LONG-TERM solutions

We aim to give you a long-term solution for your pain and limitations. While we treat your immediate symptoms, our treatments are designed to address the underlying causes of your condition to end it for good. We use functional rehabilitation to restore the basic movements that are necessary to get you back to everyday life as well as build the foundations for more advanced activities in the future. Understanding your condition, how it happened and how to prevent it is also key to your long-term success. Learn from our movement experts about how to get pain-free and stay feeling great.

Ready to live at your highest potential?

It all begins with a consultation where we evaluate your needs, answer your questions, and address your concerns. Our team will guide you through the entire process, including consultation, scheduling, financing, and treatment.

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