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Beyond Physical Therapy

Our movement experts will guide, coach and motivate you to achieve your goals whether you are overcoming a condition, improving your performance or just staying “tuned up”. After a thorough assessment and accurate diagnosis, you’ll experience our enhanced approach to physical therapy. Recover and elevate your function in one-on-one sessions using our unique blend of manual therapy, innovative physical therapy and modern conservative medicine to restore proper movement patterns and posture for long-term results. Train your body to overcome the challenges you face whether doing yoga, running, biking, playing sports, or just living your life.


We incorporate modern conservative treatments like trigger point and natural joint injections as well as the time-perfected healing arts of acupuncture and yoga seamlessly into our treatment plans to give you optimal lasting results.


We’ll empower you to take back your body and life by educating you about your injuries and conditions. Learn how your body is designed to function and how to keep it at highest performance. Get life-long benefits from your newfound knowledge and take control of your strength, mobility and physical health.

Hands-on therapy

HANDS-ON ​therapy

Hands-on therapy is a crucial part of your treatment to promote healing and restore movement and function in your ligaments, muscles, fascia and joints. We incorporate chiropractic manipulations, dry needling, IASTM, Targeted Fascial Release™️, kinesiology tape, and cupping to reduce pain and maximize the health and healing of your tissues.

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It all begins with a consultation where we evaluate your needs, answer your questions, and address your concerns. Our team will guide you through the entire process, including consultation, scheduling, financing, and treatment.

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