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Preparation. Support. Recovery.  Get on the fast track to your pre-pregnancy body or prepare your body today to be a healthy mom tomorrow. Our medical staff and movement experts will guide, coach and motivate you to prepare and support your body during pregnancy. After you have your baby, we will help you achieve your fitness goals. You will experience one-on-one sessions using our unique blend of manual therapy, the most advanced recovery technology, innovative physical therapy, and modern conservative medicine. Recover and train your body to be the best version of yourself for you and your family.

POST-PARTUM recovery

Whether you had a natural delivery or a C-section, we are here to aid your accelerate your recovery. Quickly return to your pre-pregnancy body with EMSculpt Neo while reducing abdominal separation and tightening your skin. Restore your pelvic floor strength and control in as little as 6 sessions of EMSella. We can also incorporate IASTM, Targeted Fascial Release™ and electric cell stimulation treatments to reduce scar tissue and relieve nerve damage that can result from your surgery.


We’ll empower you by teaching you how your body is designed to support your pregnancy in a healthy way. Stay strong and out of pain with the newfound knowledge of your body. Take control of your strength, mobility and physical health in these crucial months.

PRE-NATAL preparation

We incorporate modern conservative treatments like soft tissue manipulation, manual therapy, trigger point injections, functional movement therapy as well as yoga and acupuncture seamlessly into our treatment plans to help prepare your body for pregnancy.

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It all begins with a consultation where we evaluate your needs, answer your questions, and address your concerns. Our team will guide you through the entire process, including consultation, scheduling, financing, and treatment.

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