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Whether you are seeking to restore your health or are looking to have it all with maximal health, our Lifestyle Programs give you the complete solution. Take control of your weight, body composition, energy, mood, libido, mental clarity and general well-being and transform yourself through the 4 foundations of health: Nutrition, Fitness, Hormones, and Mind-Body. Our all-inclusive programs cover it all in as little as 10 minutes per day. We’ll put together your dream program of health designed to help you feel how you want to feel and empower you to sustain it for the rest of your life.
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CONVENIENT and all-inclusive

In as little as 10 minutes a day you can learn to create the changes that are needed to reach your peak health and fitness. Our programs are designed with busy professionals, parents and lives in mind. Most of your program can be done from the comfort and convenience of your home or wherever works best for you. Consultations, follow ups and even lab work can be all brought to you. Additionally, the Balanced Flow Lifestyle Programs are all-encompassing and all-inclusive to simplify the challenging process of changing your health. Your program will provide everything that you need to reach the health that you desire for as long as you desire. We organize and take care of it all, so all you need to do is let us guide you through the process.

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It can be difficult to know what you need to feel how you want to. People often work on one or some helpful components but fail to achieve their goals because they do not cover all the aspects of health that create sustainable improvements and changes. At Balanced Flow, we will breakdown what you need for success into four critical pillars of health that must be addressed to achieve your maximal long-term health. Each of these pillars influence all the others and cannot be a complete solution by itself. They are all a part of a system that is designed to work together, so none can be left out.


Diet has a critical role in maintaining your health and managing chronic illness. What you eat and how you eat influences your genes to affect your long and short-term health. Your diet can affect your weight, sleep and energy as well as risk for disease. Food sensitivities can contribute to digestive and bowel issues, skins problems like eczema and even respiratory issues like asthma. Your food is your body’s fuel, so you need a unique plan that works specifically for your needs and goals.


Everyone agrees that proper exercise is important for your health, but if it were easy everyone could do it. You need to have the knowledge, time and the required equipment to get it done. We know this can be a challenge, so we use education and the latest technology to make regular, proper exercise a reality for you. We’ll help you accelerate your muscle gain to put you into a positive exercise cycle. Gaining muscle will burn more calories and give you more energy which will encourage you to exercise more.


Hormones are the chemical messengers that travel through your body coordinating complex processes like growth, immune function, metabolism, sexual function, mood and basically everything. Imbalances can cause issues from low energy to weight gain to infertility. Also, you need optimal hormone levels to prevent conditions like heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, dementia and osteoporosis. Your hormones must be at the right levels for all other aspects of your health to function well.


Mental and emotional stress have profound influence on your health. Stress alters the levels of your hormones such as cortisol (the stress hormone) and thyroid hormone. Such changes can affect blood sugar, digestion, inflammation, metabolism, sleep and more. These changes in turn will affect healing, change your mood and increase your risk for cancer, heart disease, diabetes and mood disorders like anxiety and depression. Learning how stress works and how to manage is an essential part of a complete health plan.

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COACHING and accountability

Good coaching will maximize your abilities in every aspect of your life and health is no different. Often the single component that makes the difference between whether people succeed or fail in what they pursue is having a good coach. We seek to work with clients who are serious about changing their lives. We’ll give you the special knowledge, tools, support and encouragement that you need to reach your goals, but we can’t do it for you. Our staff and providers act as your coaches to keep you moving forward toward where you want to be and to celebrate your wins as you get there. We’ll tell you what you don’t want to hear and help you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be.

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