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Crashing Knees I Overpronation • Knee Valgus

​Say farewell to knocking knees! We have Step 1 in fixing your KNEE VALGUS pattern on this week’s BODY WISE! We like to work from the ground up at BFW, so to start to solve your crashing knees we start at the FEET! 🦶If you’d consider yourself flat-footed, or ever noticed the arch or your foot collapsing inwards we’ve got news for you. Your feet are OVERPRONATED (i.e. crashing feet!). Today your MOVEMENT DOCS teach you about the tripod of the foot, and how having foot weakness (including arch weakness) can oftentimes lead to over-relying and under-relying on different points. They’ve also got the exercises to bring you from ‘so weak’ to ‘strong feet’! Watch, learn, and be  BODY WISE! 

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