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Crashing Knees II Weak Glute Med • Knee Valgus

​We’re soooo close to solving your knee knocking (and the knee pain that comes with it)! 🙌Here’s the last installment of our Knee Valgus series, and this one may be a bit familiar! It’s the 👻RETURN OF THE GLUTE MED! 👻You’d be surprised how many of our patients suffer from Glute Med weakness 😫and it’s too bad because it plays such a major role in your body’s overall stability. It’s the #2️⃣culprit in developing the knee valgus pattern we’re solving today. But your MOVEMENT DOCS know how to fix it: we want to STIMULATE the muscle (with our trusty TFR ball) and then we want to CONTRACT it by use of the clamshell exercise. 💪Once you get your Glute Med’s working and your feet standing strong, you’ll be well on your way to solving your knee pain (and preventing potential knee injuries like the dreaded ACL tear!) Watch, learn, and be ✨BODY WISE! ✨

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