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Fix your Crashing Knees • Knee Valgus

​It’s time to FIX those CRASHING KNEES! 💥Why do our knees want to crash in anyways? In this upcoming series, your MOVEMENT DOCS will explain why & how to fix what we call the KNEE VALGUS pattern! And believe us- you want to fix it. Not only can this common alignment become ultimately painful, but it puts you at risk of injury (including the dreaded ACL tear 😫). But no need for worried knees! We know the problem here. (Drumroll… please. 🥁) 1️⃣Weak feet + 2️⃣Weak Glute Meds. Lack of strength in these two areas are a recipe for knees that knock- but Nolan and Dom have got exercises to get you standing straight again! (And absolutely pain-free!)  Watch, Learn, and be ✨BODY WISE!✨

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