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Fix Your Tight Shoulders! • Lower Traps and Prone Y

​Last time on our ✨BODY WISE✨ series we touched on how to relieve some of that nasty shoulder pain that can plague us all 🙇‍♂️ but this week we’re talking about how to PREVENT the pain in the first place! Too often our tight shoulders are actually a symptom of weak lower traps. When the lower traps are weak the upper traps overcompensate (and in doing so create a host of problems themselves like ❌tension headaches ❌neck pain ❌nerve compression ❌tight chest oh boy the list goes on and on and ON!) But there’s no need to fret, your MOVEMENT DOCS Nolan and Dom have got your back (and your shoulders) with a simple exercise- the Prone Y- that will start to strengthen your lower traps. It’s time to FIX your tight shoulders! 🙌🙌🙌Watch, learn, and be BODY WISE!

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