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Why Can’t You Squat Low? • SQUATS PT. 2 • Dorsiflexion

Why can't you squat low? It may all lay in your DORSIFLEXTION! Lack of mobility in this functional movement may be preventing you from getting deep in your squat, but your MOVEMENT DOCS Nolan and Dom have the tips and tricks to get you getting down! ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Watch,...

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Fix Your Tight Shoulders! • Lower Traps and Prone Y

​Last time on our ✨BODY WISE✨ series we touched on how to relieve some of that nasty shoulder pain that can plague us all 🙇‍♂️ but this week we're talking about how to PREVENT the pain in the first place! Too often our tight shoulders are actually a symptom of weak...

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Fix Your Tennis Elbow! • Lateral Epicondylitis

​👀Look, TENNIS ELBOW 🎾(aka Lateral Epicondylitis) isn't just for tennis players! Anyone can get this common pain and tenderness in the upper forearm. It's caused by overuse and repetitive motion- anything from chopping vegetables to using your phone too much can cause...

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Officially disabled to pain-free in 4 weeks with stem cells

We were so happy to hear that Ruth went on a walking excursion through the city pain-free after her stem cell treatment! After severe complications with her left hip surgery, she wanted to find a different solution for her right hip. A combination of mesenchymal stem...

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