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Balanced Flow providers discussing regnerative medicine and its benefits

A Positive Place for Patients

At Balanced Flow Wellness, a successful treatment goes beyond just improving muscle pain or lowering the number on the scale. It’s also giving the client a positive experience where they feel welcome and empowered to take charge of their health. Our team members work hard to combine the science of wellness with the value of personal relationships for overall well-being.

About Balanced Flow Wellness

When Dr. Dominika Hertsberg and Dr. Nolan Lee first met, they both immediately recognized in each other a shared passion for healing practices that went beyond the limitations of traditional western medicine. From there, they set out to form Balanced Flow Wellness, where clients could find solutions to pain and encouragement to achieve optimal health and performance.

Through devotion to continued education and lifelong learning, Dominika and Nolan have created a client-centered environment rich in positive energy that leaves their clients feeling physically and mentally ready for happy and fulfilled living.

Our Mission

To lead the way in a healthcare revolution by advancing comprehensive and responsible medicine to restore, elevate, and optimize health.

What Drives Us

All of our clients receive a comprehensive, individualized plan to make progress toward their goals, guided by our expert providers.

Relationships Before Revenue

The satisfaction and success of our clients are far more important than our profits, which is how we operate our treatment programs.

Education & Growth

We always educate our clients on best ways to live a healthy life, and we seek to constantly grow our wealth of knowledge through the latest science.

Improved Well-being

We are motivated to help all of our clients improve their well-being, so that they get the maximum enjoyment out of life.

The Culture at Balanced Flow

We strive to maintain a supportive, enjoyable workplace where all our team members can learn, grow, be productive, and have fun. Our team members are passionate about elevating and maintaining health, and we work together to yield the best results. We’re always innovating to help people make their lives feel better, and to have a great time while doing it.

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