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Benefits of Physical Rehabilitation At Balanced Flow Wellness

  • Noninvasive and Nonsurgical

    Our physical therapy in Chicago restores your function without resorting to invasive or surgical methods.

  • Problem-Solving Approach

    We don’t just treat your symptoms. We find the underlying cause of your pain and formulate treatment plans to eliminate it for good.

  • Long-Term Results

    We educate you on the principles of physical rehabilitation so that you can maintain your results beyond our office.

Get Back To It, Better Than Ever

Recovery from injury or chronic pain may seem daunting, with the possibility of surgery looming on the horizon. But there is a way to recuperate and revitalize your body without surgery. At Balanced Flow Wellness, we believe that many of the tools for recovery and optimal health lie within our own bodies, through physical rehabilitation.

Our service is all about you and getting you to your goals and beyond. Our team of expert providers uses our proprietary technique combining state-of-the-art technology and traditional rehab for unmatched results. We first help you drastically reduce pain and decrease healing time. Then we develop an individualized physical rehabilitation plan that not only brings you back to health, but fully optimizes your recovery and wellness journey.

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What Physical Rehabilitation Treats

Chronic pain

Back pain

Neck pain


Muscle tightness



Poor flexibility

Joint dysfunction


Muscle imbalances

The Physical Rehabilitation Process

Step 1: Consultation

Whether you're seeking to overcome a condition or improve your performance, visit Balanced Flow Wellness for a consultation. Before you begin your physical rehabilitation program, we sit down with you to thoroughly understand your symptoms, your goals, and your medical history. With the information you give us, we develop a comprehensive wellness program for you that involves a detailed physical rehabilitation plan.

Step 2: Physical Rehabilitation

At Balanced Flow Wellness, your care team of expert providers will guide you through physical rehabilitation sessions that incorporate our cutting-edge technology, traditional physical therapy, and regenerative procedures. Your team collaborates with one another to find new ways of improving your pain and performance. 

Step 3: Follow-Up

We continuously reevaluate your physical rehabilitation program to ensure that it meets your goals and optimizes your wellness. As part of this evaluation, we periodically conduct follow-up assessments to track your progress and adjust as needed for success.

Learn More About Ways We Can Help

We offer many wellness and rehabilitation services in addition to physical rehabilitation in Chicago. Use our treatment planning tool to instantly learn about which services may be a good fit for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Physical Rehabilitation in Chicago

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Patrick S.

    Feel Better

    Perform Better

    Physical Therapy

    Read at Patrick’s testimonial about our physical therapy services!

    “Why suffer from pain and immobility when the team at Balanced Flow are experts at fixing you. This is not your parents PT, designed hands on treatment, catering to your changing needs. The fun, knowledgeable, and caring team at Balanced Flow are here to fix you!”

  • Melanie S.

    Feel Better

    Perform Better

    Physical Therapy

    See Melanie’s testimonial on our physical therapy services!

    “Balanced Flow far exceeded my expectations. What I thought was chronic pain in my neck/shoulders/back for the past 20 years was relieved quickly by the Balanced Flow team. I had almost immediate results in the first 2 weeks at Balanced Flow which did more for me than the past several years of acupuncture, massages, yoga, cryotherapy, and weekly chiropractic visits. After 2 months of weekly visits, I had zero pain, learned a lot about anatomy, and significantly increased my strength and flexibility. The pain that used to come back within a few days or a week now stays away permanently. I did a month off MIHA training and am looking forward to continuing strength training.”

  • Mike Z.

    Feel Better

    Physical Therapy

    Look at Mike’s testimonial on our physical therapy services!

    “My partner and I have had several workout related injuries over the years and always find our way back to Balanced Flow. The staff, owners, and even occasional dogs are great. Adrean is also super helpful and always bringing positive energy. In the unfortunate circumstance of getting injured, you’re lucky to have Balanced Flow.”

  • Christina M.

    Perform Better

    Physical Therapy

    Listen to Christina’s testimony about physical therapy with Balanced Flow!

    “I started my journey at Balanced Flow when I actually just found out I was pregnant, so I started my time here with PT prior to delivery. The team did a really great job helping through that pregnancy journey.”

  • Alexi Z.

    Feel Better

    Physical Therapy

    Check out Alexi’s testimonial on our physical therapy services!

    “Balanced Flow Wellness is the best for anything body related. The staff is beyond incredible, so welcoming, friendly and helpful. I’ve continued to go back to Balanced Flow Wellness for all my different body ailments, ranging from a hip issue to a tight back from working out.

    Every time I’ve had something come up, they create a plan and outline expected rehab and are transparent about the cost. They also are great for smaller things too I’d need to drop in for like a tight shoulder.

    They also take my insurance which is an added benefit. Balanced Flow Wellness has a range of services from PT, chiropractic care, cupping, mija, needling and more. I’ve sent so many friends here and will always be where I go to keep my body working right.”

  • Kelly N.

    Feel Better

    Perform Better

    Physical Therapy

    Look at Kelly’s testimonial on our physical therapy services!

    “I love going to Balanced Flow. It’s a positive environment starting with the front desk personnel to each and every therapist. And, I feel better after every visit and leave with my action plan! It’s definitely a team effort to my path to living pain free and returning to the things that I love to do! Thanks Balanced Flow!”

  • Kyle Y.

    Feel Better

    Physical Therapy

    Check out Kyle’s testimonial on our physical therapy services!

    “I found Balanced Flow after having a few unsuccessful treatment attempts for a long standing injury, and I am glad I did. From my initial visit, it was clear that all the staff were knowledgeable, invested, and caring above all else. Having gotten to know them all, I will say they are great people and an excellent team.

    The treatment strategy they presented me was laid out clearly and logically based on my individual needs and expectations, and their pricing was transparent and reasonable. Their methods are all legit as well – no quackery, just solid medicine. Beyond that, everyone is very receptive of feedback and adapts each visit accordingly.

    Overall, I have had a great experience coming here, and I feel so much better than I did before I started. If you’re looking for a friendly, supportive, and awesome group of folks to heal with, this is definitely the spot.”

Our Balanced Approach to Wellness

Our goal at Balanced Flow Wellness is to help you restore, elevate and optimize your health in every aspect. We believe in implementing sustainable changes to your lifestyle that maximize all areas of wellness. Our approach works best with those who are willing to take active steps toward well-being.

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