A vitmain shot to help with chronic pain

B-12 Shots in Chicago

Restore Your Body's Essential Vitamins

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A provider at Balanced Flow is prepping a vitamin injection syringe to promote regenerative medicine

Benefits of Vitamin Shots

  • Higher Concentrations

    Vitamin injections have a higher concentration than oral supplements, making their effects more apparent and long-lasting.

  • Fast-Acting Effects

    Because we administer vitamin shots directly into the muscles, your body can absorb the nutrients more quickly and fully.

  • Customizable Benefits

    Pick from our menu of injections, including biotin, vitamin C, B-12, and more, offered in Chicago for your unique needs!

Better Than Ever With Vitamin Shots

The symptoms of nutrient deficiencies are often subtle, yet they can impair the quality of your daily life. Feeling tired, weak, or generally unwell? You might be in need of essential nutrients. With vitamin injections such as B-12 shots in Chicago, the team at Balanced Flow Wellness can bring your body back into balance for full wellness.

Or, if you’re simply looking for a boost, vitamin injections support your goals for athletic performance, immunity, and recovery. We can customize a personalized plan for vitamin shots so that you have vitality for all parts of your life!

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What Vitamin Shots Do

Boost energy & mood

Enhance memory

Promote fat loss

Improve skin, hair, and nails

Decrease stress & depression

Increase metabolism

Speed recovery

Support immunity

Strengthen bones & muscles

Increase endurance

The Vitamin Shot Process

Step 1: Consultation

Nutrient deficiency may be just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to wellness. Before you receive vitamin injections at Balanced Flow Wellness, we sit down with you in a consultation to thoroughly understand your situation, your goals, and your medical history. With the information you give us, we develop a comprehensive wellness program for you that involves vitamin injections, such as B-12 shots in Chicago.
Balanced Flow Consultation

Step 2: First Injection

We offer our vitamin shots as a single injection, a package, or an individualized cocktail that combines several types for increased benefits. At your appointment, a licensed medical provider will prepare the injection to accommodate your goals for treatment. Then, they will carefully administer the shot directly into the muscle. The injection process should take just a few minutes to complete!
A vitmain shot to help with chronic pain

Step 3: Follow-Up

How often you receive your vitamin shots depends on your individual preferences and symptoms. Some clients get their injections monthly to boost their vitality or performance, whereas others have conditions they'd like to address with several shots in a single week. We determine what your ideal plan for vitamin injections will look like at your consultation with us in Chicago.
PRP injection in shoulder joint to promote regenerative medicine

Learn More About Ways We Can Help

We offer a full range of wellness services in addition to our B-12 shots in Chicago. Use our wellness planning tool to instantly see which services may be a good fit for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Vitamin Shots

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Balanced Approach to Wellness

Our goal at Balanced Flow Wellness is to help you restore, elevate and optimize your health in every aspect. We believe in implementing sustainable changes to your lifestyle that maximize all areas of wellness. Our approach works best with those who are willing to take active steps toward well-being.

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