Our Process

The Balanced Flow Process

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Steps Toward a Healthy, Optimized Body

The process for our clients is designed to ensure that your needs and goals take priority. We listen carefully to what you have to say in order to create an action plan that fits the lifestyle you want to live.

Though we have a whole team to help you with the different aspects of your body’s health and wellness, we keep the process centered around you and streamlined with our exceptional care coordination team. The care coordination team acts as a liaison between your providers and gets to know you on a deeper level.

How Our Process Works

Step 1: Request an Appointment

Once you request an appointment, we'll be in contact to learn more about you and get a preliminary understanding of your situation. This helps us establish whether we are a good fit to address your needs. We may also ask for identification or insurance information to check what coverages you may have. Then, we'll set up the initial consultation.

Step 2: Consultation

At your consultation in our office, you will meet the care coordination team and the providers who will participate in your health plan. We'll take a deeper look at your current state, your reason for coming to us, and your vision for your body and health before we develop a treatment plan. After a thorough assessment of your current condition, we will determine which services may be best suited for your needs. We create a custom, comprehensive treatment plan for each client.

Step 3: Treatment Plan

After the consultation, your interdisciplinary care team will outline a treatment plan to achieve and maintain your goals. We will walk you through each step and our reasoning behind it so you can make informed decisions on your program. Once you elect to move forward, you'll undergo our prescribed services, regular reassessments, and constant evaluation to make sure everything is on the right track.
Physical therapy session to help treat chronic pain

Our Philosophy

 Great health is the foundation for bodies that look, feel, and perform their best, so your optimal body comes from taking an active role in your health. We believe that with the proper guidance of healthcare professionals, you can do anything you put your mind to.


Feel and live like you should with the most transformative wellness treatments available today. We use the best of modern comprehensive and noninvasive therapy to bring you back to physical, mental and emotional well-being so you can live with confidence.


Get healthier, stronger, faster, and improve your energy and vitality. Take your mind, body, and health to the next level with treatments designed to augment your body’s performance. We have experts with the dedication and experience to guide you through your journey.


Life is tough on you and your body. We aim to help you stay at your highest level of health and wellness and keep you feeling, looking, and performing at your best. We create customized and personalized programs for you to reach and maintain all of your health goals.

See the Results for Yourself

Our treatment plans are completely tailored to your situation and your goals. Visit us for an in-depth consultation and learn what it takes to restore and optimize your body!

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