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Benefits of Hormone Optimization

  • Improved Body Composition

    A very notable effect of hormone optimization is the restoration of your metabolism, which aids with losing fat and improvement of muscle mass.

  • Improved Energy, Mood, and Libido

    Give yourself the boost you need to accomplish what you need to do with improved energy, mood, libido, and a stronger immune system too.

  • Customizable Dosage

    We tailor which hormones and the amount you need based on your hormone function, symptoms, and lab results. You can then take your hormones from the comfort of your home to relieve your symptoms, such as from menopause, and elevate your function.

Restore Your Body’s Full Potential With Hormone Optimization

Many people think that fatigue, weight changes, depression, brain fog, and other unpleasant symptoms of hormone imbalances are just part of getting older. They may be told that their experience is normal. But we don’t settle for normal at Balanced Flow Wellness in Chicago. We can’t stop aging, but we can make sure you flourish while doing so.

Our interdisciplinary team of specialists at Balanced Flow continues to engineer cutting-edge solutions for wellness, including hormone optimization. We integrate bioidentical hormone therapy into your individualized treatment program to help you feel, look, and perform your best every single day.

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What Hormone Optimization Helps

Low energy

Weight changes

Low libido/sexual dysfunction


Hair loss

Brain fog

Mood swings

Poor sleep


Low muscle mass

Slow metabolism

Skin health

The Hormone Therapy Process

Step 1: Consultation

If you're experiencing signs of hormonal imbalance, or if you simply want to live at your very best, reach out to us to schedule a consultation. We'll sit down with you one-on-one to thoroughly understand your situation, your goals, and your medical history. We'll also perform a body composition scan to gather more information to work with. From there, we will schedule you for laboratory testing.

Step 2: Prescription

Your lab tests, medical history, and personal history tell us exactly what your hormone levels are in the body, so we can provide a dosage that best fits your needs. Once your results come back, we prescribe you medication for hormone optimization therapy, and your hormones will be shipped directly to you.

Step 3: Results

It may take some time for your body to adjust to your improved hormone levels and for us to help you achieve optimal levels. You'll start feeling better, performing better, and living better within a matter of weeks!

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We offer many wellness services in addition to hormone therapy in Chicago. Use our wellness planning tool to instantly learn about which services may be a good fit for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bioidentical Hormone Therapy in Chicago

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Balanced Approach to Wellness

Our goal at Balanced Flow Wellness is to help you restore, elevate and optimize your health in every aspect. We believe in implementing sustainable changes to your lifestyle that maximize all areas of wellness. Our approach works best with those who are willing to take active steps toward well-being.

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