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The Possibilities Are Endless With Us

We believe that you can do anything you set your mind to—but you can do it best with the insight and guidance of a medical professional. That’s where the specialists at Balanced Flow Wellness come in to help you become your very best. Optimal health isn’t just receiving treatment passively; it’s where you take an active role and put in the work. We’re not only treating your disease, your lifestyle, or your pain. We’re treating you as a person.

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Services At Our Wellness Clinic in Chicago

Physical Rehabilitation

You don’t have to live under the burden of pain. Our physical rehabilitation and pain management options offer you a customized path toward recovery and a lifetime free from discomfort.

Wellness Programs

Wellness is more than just being free from pain or disease. It is a state of optimized mind, body, and spirit. Our innovative treatments use various approaches to guide you toward ideal personal well-being.

Our History

When Dr. Dominika Hertsberg and Dr. Nolan Lee first met, they both immediately recognized in each other a shared passion for healing practices that went beyond the limitations of traditional medicine. From there, they set out to form Balanced Flow Wellness, where clients could find solutions to pain and encouragement to achieve optimal health and performance.

As their practice grew, Dr. Hertsberg and Dr. Lee realized that their clients wanted more than just relief from their physical pain or muscle and joint issues and were seeking to achieve their highest levels of health. Balanced Flow continued to expand into a full-service wellness clinic in Chicago with our state-of-the-art facility and highly advanced therapeutic technology. Through devotion to continued education and lifelong learning, Dominika and Nolan have created a client-centered environment rich in positive energy that leaves their clients feeling physically and mentally set for happy and fulfilled living.

Our Mission

To lead the way in a healthcare revolution by advancing comprehensive and responsible medicine to restore, elevate, and optimize health.

How We Accomplish Wellness


Feel and live like you should with the most transformative wellness treatments available today. We use the best of modern comprehensive and noninvasive therapy to bring you back to physical, mental and emotional well-being so you can live with confidence.


Get healthier, stronger, faster, and improve your energy and vitality. Take your mind, body, and health to the next level with treatments designed to augment your body’s performance. We have experts with the dedication and experience to guide you through your journey.


Life is tough on you and your body. We aim to help you stay at your highest level of health and wellness and keep you feeling and performing at your best. We create customized and personalized programs for you to reach and maintain all of your health goals.

Meet the Balanced Flow Team

Founded by Dr. Dominika Hertsberg and Dr. Nolan Lee, our team is always brainstorming to find the best ways to help our clients. With backgrounds across various medical disciplines, we combine our expertise to create a unique and positive wellness journey for our clients.

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Ready for Lifelong Health?

Our treatments don’t just fix the acute problem you may be struggling with. We equip you with the skills and knowledge so that you’ll be self-sufficient in maintaining your own health!

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Community Wellness

None of us can accomplish wellness on our own. Wellness comes from connection to others and investments in our community. We incorporate that communal wellness through our partnerships, donations, events, and educational programs.

Interested in Working In Wellness?

We strive to maintain a supportive, enjoyable workplace where all our team members can learn, grow, be productive and have fun. If you’re interested in helping people make their lives better while having a great time doing it, you’ve found your work home. Check out our available openings at our wellness clinic in Chicago!

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