Physical Therapy Alleviates Discomfort and Enhances Spinal Health

Back Pain Treatments in Chicago

Physical therapy session to help treat chronic pain

One of the most common types of chronic pain is chronic back pain. In this age, the lifestyle of most people includes a lot of time spent hunched over a desk. Even for short periods at a time, that’s a lot more than our bodies were made for. 

If you are experiencing chronic back pain, you may think your only options are the chiropractor or surgery. Many people overlook the solution they should go to first: physical therapy

At Balanced Flow Wellness, we offer effective back pain treatments in Chicago through our physical therapy program. We can say, from our first-hand experience, how much physical therapy can do to alleviate back pain and enhance spinal health. 

Three Ways Physical Therapy Can Help With Back Pain

1. Strengthening Exercises

The first thing physical therapy does to treat back pain is strengthening exercises. Many of our patients suffer from back pain because they are putting a lot of pressure on a couple strong muscles to compensate for a group of weaker muscles. By strengthening all the muscles in your back, especially those around your spine, physical therapy can better distribute the pressure placed on your muscles. Strengthening these muscles will also help your posture! 

At Balanced Flow Wellness, we use Miha Bodytec and Emsculpt NEO to accelerate the results of our strengthening exercises. These innovative technologies target specific muscle groups. MihaBodytec and Emsculpt NEO use electromagnetic pulses to give these hard to reach muscles a more intense workout.

2. Manual Therapy

For patients who are struggling with mobility due to back pain, we take a more hands-on approach. Using manual therapy, we manipulate the soft tissue and nerves to increase mobility in particularly tight and painful areas of the back. This often looks like joint or soft tissue mobilizations. 

3. Movement Retraining

Another technique physical therapy providers use is movement retraining. When you are suffering from back pain, your body will naturally do its best to adjust to your injury or weak point by moving in ways that take the pressure off that area. At best, this compensation only masks a deeper problem. It can lead to further injury to the affected area. A physical therapy provider can observe how you move and help you retrain your body to avoid these movement patterns.

Physical Therapy at Balanced Flow Wellness

Our rehabilitation practitioners at Balanced Flow Wellness give you a full-body consultation to determine the cause of your pain and your options for treatment. We then create a customized wellness program for each of our clients that encompasses the full picture of their health. 

To put it in the words of one of our clients: “This is not your parents’ PT!” We use a hands-on approach and the best tech in the field to help you heal faster, grow stronger, and reduce pain much more quickly. 

See the difference in your muscle strength when you use our Miha EMS or Emsculpt NEO treatments. Or how our Electrical Cell Signaling technology vastly reduces pain and promotes faster healing.

Our back pain treatments in Chicago look at more than just one locus of pain or injury. Our holistic health model is designed to help you reach your complete optimal health. 

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