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TFR Ball


Glute Med: IT Band & Hip Pain

Infraspinatus: Shoulder Pain

Suboccipital: Headaches

Calves: Leg Tension & Foot Pain

CT Junction: Neck Soreness

Glute Max: Back Pain & Hamstring Tightness

Hamstrings: Hamstring Tightness

Pecs: Shoulder Stiffness & Soreness

Piriformis: Hip Tightness

QL: Low Back Stiffness

Upper Traps: Neck & Shoulder Soreness


Desk Dog

Building Neck Strength

Bird Dog

Perfect Plank

Abdominal Breathing

Pelvic Tilts

Dead Bug

Dead Bug High Kicks

Dead Bug Low Kicks

Dead Bug Marching

Dead Bug Reaching

Kneeling Side Plank with Leg Lift

Side Plank with Leg Lift

Foot Pain I: Plantar Fasciitis

Foot Pain II: Bunions

Foot Pain III: Arch Strength

Foot Pain IV: Big Toe Strength

Meditation & Breath Work

Demystifying Meditation, Part I: What is Meditation?

Demystifying Meditation, Part II: Benefits of Meditation

Demystifying Meditation, Part III: Styles of Meditation

Demystifying Meditation, Part III: How to start meditating

Body Scan Meditation

Visualization Meditation

Breathwork: Resonant Breathing

Breathwork: Triangle Breathing

Breathwork: Box Breathing