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Benefits of Regenerative Medicine At Balanced Flow Wellness

  • Natural Processes

    Regenerative medicine takes advantage of the body’s biological healing processes to restore function and reduce pain.

  • Minimal Side Effects

    Because these treatments use naturally occurring substances to activate your body’s healing abilities, they rarely involve side effects!

  • Cutting-Edge Technology

    Balanced Flow Wellness stays at the forefront of innovations in the field by utilizing the latest technology.

Innovative Medicine for Your Highest Potential

You may have been told by others that surgery is your only option, without much consideration for other avenues. That’s not the case at Balanced Flow Wellness. If you’re searching for healing that doesn’t include costly, invasive, and high-risk surgery, Balanced Flow is here to support you with regenerative medicine!

We elevate beyond traditional schools of thought for improving pain and maximizing performance. We don’t address your body based on just your symptoms; we start with treating the root cause for comprehensive results that last. Our medical professionals focus on harnessing your body’s own healing processes to regenerate and repair painful or damaged tissue.

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What Regenerative Medicine Helps

Chronic pain

Back pain

Neck pain

Strains & sprains

Muscle or joint pain



Chronic diseases

The Regenerative Medicine Process

Step 1: Consultation

Whether you're seeking to overcome a condition or improve your performance, visit Balanced Flow Wellness for a consultation in Chicago. Before you begin your regenerative medicine program, we sit down with you to thoroughly understand your symptoms, your goals, and your medical history. With the information you give us, we develop a comprehensive rehabilitation program for you that involves advanced regenerative medicine.

Step 2: Treatment

Regenerative medicine involves naturally occurring stimulants such as hyaluronic acid, amniotic matrix, regenerative cells, dextrose, and more. We can inject these substances into the treatment area to jumpstart your body's healing processes.

Step 3: Follow-Up

We'll reassess the treatment area after several weeks for improvement. We typically combine regenerative medicine with other treatments like physical rehabilitation to increase function and healing.

Learn More About Optimizing Your Body

We offer many wellness and rehabilitation services in addition to regenerative medicine in Chicago. Use our treatment planning tool to instantly learn about which services may be a good fit for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Regenerative Medicine in Chicago

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Balanced Approach to Wellness

Our goal at Balanced Flow Wellness is to help you restore, elevate and optimize your health in every aspect. We believe in implementing sustainable changes to your lifestyle that maximize all areas of wellness. Our approach works best with those who are willing to take active steps toward well-being.

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