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Very soon after first meeting, Balanced Flow founders Dominika and Nolan immediately recognized a shared passion for healing practices that went beyond the limitations of traditional western medicine. That mutual love of helping others drives everything at their practice, where people find solutions to pain and encouragement to achieve optimal health and performance.

Through devotion to continued education and lifelong learning, Dominika and Nolan have created an environment rich in positive energy and patient focus that leaves their clients feeling physically and mentally set for happy and fulfilled living.

“Every single walk of life is incredibly welcomed in this office, and that’s something that makes our jobs so full of passion.”


To lead the way in a healthcare revolution by advancing holistic and responsible medicine to restore, elevate and maintain health while providing the highest level of benefit with the lowest level of adverse effects through experiences that are professional, comfortable, supportive and enjoyable.


Feel and live like you should. We use the best of modern holistic and non-invasive therapy to bring you back to physical, mental and emotional well-being. Experience our unique blend of manual therapy, rehab, traditional medicine and cutting-edge treatments like regenerative medicine to bring you back to balance, health and wellness.


​Get healthier, stronger, faster, and more flexible. Take your mind, body, performance and health to the next level. We have experts with the dedication and experience to guide you through your journey.


​Life is tough on you and your body. We aim to help you stay at your highest level of health and wellness and keep you feeling and performing at your best. We will create a customized and personalized program for you to reach and maintain your goals.

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