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3 Ways Hormone Therapy Improves Vitality as You Age

We have learned to expect that we will grow weaker and more prone to illness as we age. But we don’t have to accept this. The main reason men begin losing strength after the age of 40 has to do with hormonal changes.

A decrease in testosterone along with estrogen (yes, men’s bodies also produce estrogen!) makes us feel more tired than we used to. It causes a loss in muscle mass and a weakening of the immune system, along with many other unpleasant side effects. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way—not if you take care to keep your hormones in balance as you age. With hormone therapy for men in Chicago at Balanced Flow Wellness, you can maintain your strength and vitality as you age. 

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Here are the top 3 ways hormone therapy can help you improve your vitality as you age: 

1. Improve Metabolism

The most notable improvement men often experience with hormone therapy is an improvement in their metabolism. Hormones have a great impact on how your body processes calories. When your hormones are out of balance, a greater percentage of the calories you consume will likely be stored as fat, rather than being used for energy. 

With optimal hormone levels, your body instead prioritizes the building of lean muscle mass, which not only helps keep the weight off, but also builds your strength and enhances your physique.. 

2. Improve Energy 

Men on hormone therapy also experience improved energy levels. The estrogen hormone, a main component derived from testosterone, has a close relationship with serotonin. This chemical regulates dopamine and endorphins, which contribute to positive feelings. 

Energy improvement from hormone therapy can also be attributed to improvements in the metabolism. When your digestive system is able to do a better job of processing the calories you consume, it is able to do a better job of keeping your energy levels consistent. 

3. Increase Libido and Sexual Function

Perhaps what hormone therapy for men is best known for is its ability to improve sexual function. Testosterone is, at the end of the day, primarily a sex hormone. This hormone is responsible for the development of the penis, testes, and sperm production. It is this hormone that makes your voice drop during puberty and helps you grow facial hair. 

So, it will come as no surprise that testosterone plays a big role in erectile function and libido. A decrease in testosterone will naturally weaken sexual desire and performance. Hormone therapy can help you regain your sexual function. 

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Embracing age does not have to mean accepting decline. With hormone therapy for men in Chicago at Balanced Flow Wellness, we work with you to optimize your hormones. Hormone therapy can help both men and women maintain vitality, letting you age with confidence. 

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