Medical Weight Loss in Logan Square

Sustainable Medical Weight Loss

Balanced Flow providers discussing regnerative medicine and its benefits

When people think of medical weight loss, they normally think of weight loss drugs like semaglutide. It is true that such weight loss drugs can have a great impact on a person’s ability to lose weight. However, medication is only a small part of medical weight loss in Logan Square. 

At Balanced Flow Wellness, we create a customized weight loss plan for each of our clients that takes into account your unique needs and weight loss goals. We build a plan with our experts in lifestyle coaching, fitness, and nutrition counseling to create a robust framework around your treatments. 

Weight Loss Medication

As part of your medical weight loss plan, we may prescribe semaglutide, tirzepatide, or another GLP-1 injection. Weight loss injections help our clients to lose weight by suppressing their appetite. This makes regulating your eating habits a whole lot easier. 

Your Weight Loss Plan: Customized and Comprehensive 

Sustainable weight loss encompasses much more than medication. To lose weight and keep it off, diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes must also be implemented. We use a variety of therapies and treatments at Balanced Flow Wellness to help our clients lose weight.

Your custom weight loss plan may include: 

Weight loss-specific treatments are not long-term solutions. However, these treatments can lead to long-term results when accompanied by healthy habits and routines. That’s why all of our weight loss clients receive lifestyle coaching and nutritional counseling as part of their treatment. 

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The goal of our treatments is to help you to reach an optimal weight. The goal of our diet and exercise counseling is to give you the tools to maintain that weight. The team at Balanced Flow Wellness for medical weight loss in Logan Square is ready to help you meet your weight loss goals and maintain them. 

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