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Dominika Hertsberg

Clinician/Co-Founder & Owner

Dominika Hertsberg


Meet Dr. Dominika Hertsberg

Dr. Dominika Hertsberg is committed to empowering her clients to experience their optimal health potential through education, fitness, nutrition, hormones, and stress management. She graduated from National University of Health Sciences and is a board-certified and licensed chiropractic physician and certified acupuncturist. She completed her nutrition and lifestyle certification through Harvard Medical School and is an active member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. She is passionate about movement and is a certified yoga teacher, exercise and functional movement specialist, and completed her EMS licensing with Glucker College in Germany.

Dr. Hertsberg is passionate about educating others about health and wellness and volunteers at Salt and Light Coalition where she works with women who were victims of modern slavery. Previously, she volunteered at Community Health Center in Chicago where she provided free healthcare to those without insurance. She worked at the University of Illinois with children affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders and served on the board of Chicago Autism Speaks. While in school, she worked in prenatal and postnatal medicine at Lutheran General Hospital.

Dr. Hertsberg enjoys educating the community through workshops, seminars, and lectures. She leads yoga teacher trainings and fitness workshops, and has been invited to be a key speaker at universities, major conventions, and various businesses.

When Dr. Hertsberg is not learning, coaching her clients, or volunteering, she likes to keep active and enjoys hiking, staying active, and traveling with her family.