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At Balanced Flow Wellness, we make your vision of a pain-free and optimized lifestyle possible. We are a wellness center in Chicago with specialists who implement our science-based and time-proven processes to transform your “potential” into “reality.”

Our customized programs not only include treatments for addressing your current struggles, but also the education you need to maintain well-being and fitness for the rest of your life.

Our Services

Physical Rehabilitation

You don’t have to live under the burden of pain. Our physical rehabilitation and pain management options offer you a customized path toward recovery and a lifetime free from discomfort.

Wellness Programs

Wellness is more than just being free from pain or disease. It is a state of optimized mind, body, and spirit. Our innovative treatments use various approaches to guide you toward ideal personal well-being.

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  • Christina M.

    Perform Better

    Physical Therapy

    Listen to Christina’s testimony about physical therapy with Balanced Flow!

    “I started my journey at Balanced Flow when I actually just found out I was pregnant, so I started my time here with PT prior to delivery. The team did a really great job helping through that pregnancy journey.”

  • Allie K.

    Feel Better


    Hear about Allie’s experience participating in MIHA EMS Training!

    “For me, time is money, especially for the fact that I’m constantly working around the clock, and I have kids to take care of. I can pick one day, one session, and it eliminates me having to go to the gym everyday.”

  • Kyle Y.

    Feel Better

    Physical Therapy

    Check out Kyle’s testimonial on our physical therapy services!

    “I found Balanced Flow after having a few unsuccessful treatment attempts for a long standing injury, and I am glad I did. From my initial visit, it was clear that all the staff were knowledgeable, invested, and caring above all else. Having gotten to know them all, I will say they are great people and an excellent team.

    The treatment strategy they presented me was laid out clearly and logically based on my individual needs and expectations, and their pricing was transparent and reasonable. Their methods are all legit as well – no quackery, just solid medicine. Beyond that, everyone is very receptive of feedback and adapts each visit accordingly.

    Overall, I have had a great experience coming here, and I feel so much better than I did before I started. If you’re looking for a friendly, supportive, and awesome group of folks to heal with, this is definitely the spot.”

  • Craig E.

    Feel Better


    Look Better


    Perform Better

    Listen about Craig’s experience with the lifestyle programs at Balanced Flow!

    “Coming here and doing the Miha, and doing the fitness and the balanced diet and the vitamins, has really changed my life for the better, not only for myself, but for my marriage.”

  • Alexi Z.

    Feel Better

    Physical Therapy

    Check out Alexi’s testimonial on our physical therapy services!

    “Balanced Flow Wellness is the best for anything body related. The staff is beyond incredible, so welcoming, friendly and helpful. I’ve continued to go back to Balanced Flow Wellness for all my different body ailments, ranging from a hip issue to a tight back from working out.

    Every time I’ve had something come up, they create a plan and outline expected rehab and are transparent about the cost. They also are great for smaller things too I’d need to drop in for like a tight shoulder.

    They also take my insurance which is an added benefit. Balanced Flow Wellness has a range of services from PT, chiropractic care, cupping, mija, needling and more. I’ve sent so many friends here and will always be where I go to keep my body working right.”

  • Christina M.

    EMSculpt Neo


    Perform Better

    Check out Christina’s testimonial video about completing the Core-to-Floor Program and her experience with Emsculpt + Emsella!

    “The team here took really great care of me and I can confidently do the things that I want to do, from a physical perspective and workout perspective.”

  • Jojo L.

    Look Better


    Perform Better

    Watch Jojo’s testimony on MIHA EMS!

    “I’ve seen it improve my tennis game, my overall endurance. I feel like between my strength and building more muscle has really helped with everything that I do. The instructors here are amazing.”

  • Mike Z.

    Feel Better

    Physical Therapy

    Look at Mike’s testimonial on our physical therapy services!

    “My partner and I have had several workout related injuries over the years and always find our way back to Balanced Flow. The staff, owners, and even occasional dogs are great. Adrean is also super helpful and always bringing positive energy. In the unfortunate circumstance of getting injured, you’re lucky to have Balanced Flow.”

  • Kyu H.

    Feel Better



    Check out Kyu’s testimonial on the services received through our wellness programs!

    “I felt results within the first week—it was life changing. I was chasing my kids, I was playing with my dog, I was doing everything I couldn’t do prior to that. It was miraculous, honestly.”

Our Pillars Of Wellness

We believe that with the guidance of medical professionals, you can do anything you put your mind to. True wellness comes from you taking an active role in your health and addressing these pillars.


Your physical fitness determines your ability to move and movement plays an essential role in your health, affecting how you feel and enjoy life.


Hormones are the chemical messengers that coordinate all of the vital and complex processes throughout our body, and ideal hormone levels optimize weight, mood, immune function, and more.


A cornerstone of overall well-being, proper nutrients play a significant role in shaping how you look, feel, and function.

Everyone Deserves Wellness

From the very first consultation, you’ll get comprehensive information on our pillars of health, your wellness journey, and available treatment programs to get you started.

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We strive to maintain a supportive, enjoyable workplace where all our team members can learn, grow, be productive and have fun. Each of our team members embodies our core values in wellness and in client satisfaction.

If you’re interested in helping people make their lives better while having a great time doing it, you’ve found your work home. Check out our available openings at our wellness clinic in Chicago!

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