Physical Rehab Plans

How We Build a Personalized Physical Rehab Plan

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When you’re at your weakest, you want to work with the best. Physical rehabilitation is a challenge for the body and mind, so choosing the right professional to work with plays a central role in your recovery. Balanced Flow Wellness creates personalized physical rehab plans for those suffering from injury, chronic pain, and more.

Our Methods

Balanced Flow Wellness integrates multiple methods of rehabilitation at once to address everything from root causes to symptoms. We customize our medically guided rehab program to suit your needs.

Physical therapy, innovative regenerative medicine techniques, and traditional medicine all play a part in physical rehab plans at Balanced Flow Wellness. Our ability to blend these different methods sets us apart from other facilities.

A cutting-edge physical rehab device being used as a part of a woman's treatment plan

Cutting-Edge Technology

We use cutting-edge technologies to enhance your recovery process. Our advanced electrical stimulation equipment speeds up pain reduction, increases range of motion, and reduces inflammation. This enables you to do your rehab exercises more easily.

Other technologies we use include Miha Bodytec and Emsculpt NEO. These devices emit energy waves that cause the muscles to contract rapidly. This helps you gain strength and muscle much faster than possible in traditional rehab. Time is one of your most valuable resources, so reducing the length of your recovery is our priority. 

Holistic Perspective

We look at rehab from a holistic perspective. When someone comes in with shoulder pain, we don’t just look at their shoulder and provide generic shoulder rehab exercises. We assess the shoulder, neck, movement patterns, lifestyle, and beyond to see if there is a deeper root cause of the issue, and there usually is. 

Full Service

We also diagnose and treat. At many facilities, you will receive feedback or a diagnosis from a doctor who then refers you to a physical therapist. At Balanced Flow Wellness, our providers work together on your rehabilitation.

That way, there is no gap in information between the referring provider and the treating therapist. This is a unique and incredibly beneficial opportunity for those in need of a physical rehab plan.

Woman encouraged by physical therapist for completing her reahb plan

Get a Personalized Physical Rehab Plan at Balanced Flow!

If you’ve been searching for the right providers of physical rehab plans, you’ve reached the end of the rainbow. Our team will work hard to ensure your rehabilitation is as comfortable and effective as possible.

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